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"The lands now or hereafter constituting the Forest Preserve shall be forever kept as wild forest lands. They shall not be sold, nor shall they be leased or taken by any person or corporation, public or private."
-- New York State Legislature, May 15, 1885

State Land Presentations

Alpine Ecology PDF

Snowmobile Mileage Limits on Wild Forest
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Proposed Temporary Revocable Permit Policy PDF


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Unit Management Planning Initiative at the NYS DEC web site

DEC Adirondack Forest Preserve web site

DEC State Campground Information -- includes a link for campsite reservations

Leave No Trace -- dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation


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Unit Management Plans


2015 Jessup River Wild Forest Draft UMP Amendment - (PDF 3.48 MB)

2015 Draft Amendment to the Pepperbox Wilderness Unit Management Plan - (PDF 144 KB)

Pepperbox Wilderness UMP (March, 1985) - (PDF 1.6 MB)

Bog River Complex Unit Management Plan Amendment - (PDF 725 KB)

Cranberry Lake Wild Forest Unit Management Plan Amendment - (PDF 650 KB)

UMP Public Input...

Please visit our public input page where opportunities for UMP input are listed as they arise.

UMP Process Flowchart

View flowchart (pdf)


State Land Master Plan Unit Descriptions


Staff map documenting 1972 snowmobile trail use on Forest Preserve

The map was prepared by Agency staff to document the extent of snowmobile trails designated by the DEC on Forest Preserve in 1972 at the time of the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan's adoption. The maps in the DEC 1972 snowmobile brochure entitled "Snowmobile Trails in New York" LF-P2 (10/72) were digitized at a scale of 1:24,000 utilizing best available sources for confirmation of trail locations. The resulting park-wide map indicates that an estimated 743 miles of designated snowmobile trails existed on Forest Preserve in 1972. see map...


Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan Map
June 1972 edition
of the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan Map


Low-Flying Military Aircraft in the Adirondacks

Proposed New York Air National Guard Adirondack Range Airspace Modifications...

NYS Division of Military and Naval Affairs information...


Adirondack Park State Land

New York State has one of the oldest land preservation programs in the United States ...

Over a century ago, New Yorkers established the Forest Preserve. An act of the Legislature in 1885 declared that State-owned lands in eight Adirondack and three Catskill View from Indian Falls in the Adirondack High Peakscounties should "be forever kept as wild forest lands." Further, the land could not be sold or leased.

The Act was a notable beginning, but it was inadequate to stop those who abused the land, and the struggle to preserve the forests continued. Dams were proposed which would have flooded many of the deeper forested valleys. Finally, in 1892, the Adirondack Park was created to encompass both the Forest Preserve and private lands in the central region. The State Constitution of 1895 redefined the Forest Preserve, adding that lands shall not be cut, "nor shall the timber thereon be sold, removed, or destroyed."


Fast Facts

State Land Classification Definitions

Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan -- Word Accessible version -- PDF version
February, 2014 edition of the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan with updated Area Descriptions, Statistical Information and Appendices

State Land Master Plan Map

State Land Classification Acreage 2011 Statistics (see the Maps/GIS page for more statistics)

Memorandum Of Understanding Between The Adirondack Park Agency And The Department Of Environmental Conservation Concerning Implementation Of The State Land Master Plan For The Adirondack Park (pdf 944kb)

MOU Appendices A-D: Policies on Tree Cutting, All-Terrain Bicycles, Wilderness Fisheries Management and Snowmobile Trail Bridge Design

MOU Appendix E: Management Guidance on Snowmobile Trail Siting, Construction & Maintenance

MOU Appendix F: Inter-Agency Guidelines for Control of Terrestrial & Aquatic Invasive Species on Forest Preserve Lands

Planning for the Adirondack Park Forest Preserve -- Flyer describing the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan as a framework for stewardship of the Park's public lands. (pdf 276kb)

How do you protect the Forest Preserve?

Current unit management plan (UMP) status

APA State Land Program -- overview of APA staff responsibilities and activities

Inter-Agency Work Plan for Management of Terrestrial Invasive Plant Species on State Land in the Adirondack Park (StateLandInvasivesPlan.pdf 431kb)

Governor Cuomo Approves Finch Land Classification

Link to press release:

New Park Map

View the New Adirondack Park Land Use and Development Plan Map and State Land Map. Open an interactive map of Park Land Classification. Or find more mapping resources here.

Adirondack Park Agency Approves State Land Classification Action

Adirondack Park Agency Board voted unanimously to recommend that Governor Cuomo approve the Agency’s Preferred Alternative to classify recently acquired New York State Forest Preserve lands in the Adirondack Park 


The Agency’s recommendation provides for a mixed use of Wilderness, Primitive, Wild Forest and State Administrative land classifications. It will establish five new Forest Preserve Units, and include a multi-use Wild Forest corridor between the Primitive and Wilderness Units. The new areas will include:

- The Hudson Gorge Wilderness Area (23,494 acres);
- The Essex Chain Lakes Primitive Area (6,955 acres);
- The OK Slip Pond Primitive Area (30 acres);
- The Pine Lake Primitive Area (2,912 acres);
- The Polaris Mountain Primitive Area (953 acres); and
- The addition of over 8,000 acres into the existing Blue Mountain and Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest Areas.

Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (pdf 1.7mb)
FSEIS Maps (pdf 8mb)
Appendix to the FSEIS (pdf 14.8mb)
Resolution with Attachments (pdf 1.6mb)
Press Release



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