Adirondack Park Agency

Schedule of Monthly Agency Meetings

Links to meeting "materials" shown below refers to the package of documents sent to Agency Members and Designees prior to each monthly meeting.



January 13-14 agenda materials
February 10-11    
March 10-11    
April 14-15  
May 12-13    
June 9-10    
July 14-15    
August 18-19
September 15-16
October 13-14
November 17-18
December 15-16


February 11-12 agenda   materials  
March 11-12 agenda   materials  
April 15-16 agenda   materials  
May 13-14 agenda   materials  
June 10 agenda   materials  
July 15 agenda   materials  
October 14 agenda   materials  
November 18 agenda   materials  
December 16 agenda   materials  


Agency Meeting Location

The Adirondack Park Agency Monthly Meeting is usually held at the Ray Brook APA headquarters.


Agency Meeting Webcasting

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About Public Comments

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Agency Meeting Archive

Archive of Monthly Agency Meetings including schedule, agenda and some mailing packages.