Adirondack Park Agency

Requests for Public Comment and Public Hearings

Public comment is invited for the following projects under review by the Adirondack Park Agency. Notices are sorted by comment period ending date. If a public hearing is scheduled for a project, the hearing date, time, and location will be listed.

July 29 -- Thomas Sunderlin and Red Rock Quarry Associates, L; APA:2021-0075;
Stone Quarry Road, Town of Forestport, Tax Parcel 8-1-8;
more information or comment on this project

August 12 -- Robert & Taylor Schoeninger; APA:2021-0132;
Virginias Path, Ticonderoga, Tax Parcel 150.59-8-7.100 ;
more information or comment on this project

August 19 -- Barry and Jacqueline Lashinsky; APA:2020-0070;
Trumbulls Corner Road, Town of Jay, Tax Parcel 36.1-2-7.100;
more information or comment on this project

August 19 -- Bolton Landing Storage LLC - Vincent Culhane; APA:2021-0087;
County Road 11, Town of Bolton, Tax Map Parcel # 139-1-46.2;
more information or comment on this project

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The public is welcome to attend Agency monthly meetings. A time for public comment is provided at the close of each monthly meeting.

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Agency Public Comment Policy (pdf 8kb)

Press releases of upcoming Agency meeting topics and meeting locations are usually released one to two weeks in advance of monthly meetings.

State land public hearing summaries for State Land Master Plan reclassifications are posted on the State Land page when they occur.

Environmental Notice Bulletin a NYS DEC weekly publication of legally required environmental notices. See the "Current Issue" page listings for DEC Regions 5 and 6 covering the park. Follow link to "SEQR and Other Notices" for APA notices.

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