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For Immediate Release: December 09, 2011

Keith P. McKeever | keith.mckeever@apa.ny.gov 
Public Relations | Adirondack Park Agency | Press Office | (518) 891-4050


RAY BROOK, NY - On Saturday, December 10th, the New York State Adirondack Park Agency (APA) will migrate its public website to the .Gov domain. The APA's new website domain address will be www.apa.ny.gov.

Any requests for web pages using the former address of www.apa.state.ny.us will automatically redirect to the Agency's new address. Please update any bookmarks or web page links using the old APA domain name. The legacy domain name will be retired December 31, 2011.

The APA undertook this change as part of a statewide effort to improve uniformity among New York State agency web site domain names. The ny.gov domain name will be consistently used in New York State agency web addresses. The intent is to clearly communicate the purpose of each site and ensure the citizens of New York State readily recognize official New York State government entity web sites.

The mission of the Adirondack Park Agency is to protect the public and private resources of the Adirondack Park through the exercise of the powers and duties of the Agency as provided by law. For more information, call the APA at (518) 891-4050 or visit www.apa.ny.gov.