Adirondack Park Agency

  • The Adirondack Park Agency (APA) is a New York State government agency, consisting of 54 staff and an eleven-member board. In 1971 the APA was created by the State Legislature to develop long-range public and private land use plans for the largest park in the continental United States.

  • Adirondack Park Agency Emergency Projects Response Process

    Natural disasters and weather events, such as the October 31, 2019 storm and the 2011 Tropical Storm Irene, occur more frequently and result in significant damage to Adirondack communities. In an effort to streamline emergency response, the APA enacted an Emergency Project Regulation. The regulation defines projects that qualify as emergency actions and are exempt by statute from the APA’s normal regulatory review.

    The Emergency Project Regulation established a straightforward process that allows for a rapid, coordinated response by landowners, local governments and State agencies. In addition, the regulation created a streamlined certification procedure that results in clear documentation that the actions undertaken do not require additional permits or variances.

    For the review of Emergency Certification projects, the Agency requests that the project sponsor provide the location (address, GPS coordinates, road mile marker, etc.), current status and details of the scope of work to be undertaken. The material can be submitted in a letter format, and/or a data base with descriptions, and photos to the Agency’s Jurisdictional Office

    Once there is no longer an immediate threat to life or property, project sponsors can seek Emergency Recovery Authorization from the Agency for any additional planned repairs, remediation or recovery from the emergency. Please provide a brief statement which identifies the emergency, a description of the proposed project and need for the project, documentation of existing conditions, a location map and proposed environmental impact mitigation. Please provide as much information and detailed plans as possible to assist Agency staff in an expeditious review. The information can also be submitted to the Agency’s Jurisdictional Office

    For more information please see Emergency Projects Flyer and Frequently Asked Questions

    To review the APA Emergency Projects Regulation please download here

    Please contact APA Jurisdictional Inquiry Office to discuss Emergency Projects at 518-891-4050



  • October / September Agency Board Highlights

    October Agency Meeting

    The Public Awareness and Communication Committee heard an inspirational presentation from 2018 Winter Olympian Maddie Phaneuf. Ms. Phaneuf who hails from Old Forge is a Biathlete, and a northeast representative for the advocacy organization Protect Our Winters (POW). She provided a unique winter sports athlete's perspective on climate change and an overview of the mission of POW.

    .APA staff and Board Members present Certificate to Maddie

    From Left: Public Information Officer Keith McKeever, Executive Director Terry Martino, 2018 Winter Olympian Maddie Phaneuf, Public Awareness and Communication Chairman William Thomas and Presiding Board Member Bradley Austin.

    Certificate of Appreciation


    The Park Ecology Committee was also briefed by Assistant Director Mark Lowery from the NYS DEC Office of Climate Change on the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. Governor Cuomo signed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) into law on July 18, 2019. This historic law establishes very aggressive, nation-leading greenhouse gas reduction goals and sets them in statute for the first time in New York State.

    .Climate Leadership and Protection Act Goals


    September Agency Meeting

    The Agency’s Public Awareness and Communication Committee hosted a presentation by Paul Casson the Operations Manager for SUNY Albany Atmospheric Sciences Research Center which is located on Whiteface Mountain in the Town of Wilmington, Essex County. Mr. Casson briefed the Board on the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center’s mission to enhance society’s understanding of the chemical and physical nature of the atmosphere, and to provide policy makers with highly accurate data to fully comprehend human impacts on our environment.

    .APA Public Awareness


    Following the presentation, the Board conducted a site visit to the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center. Operations Manager Paul Casson (at right) explains to Public Awareness and Communication Chairman William Thomas (at left), how air monitoring data is captured and analyzed on the summit of Whiteface Mountain.

    Certificate of Appreciation


    The Adirondack Park Agency Board welcomed new staff members Robert Lore and David “Sam” Boese to the Agency at the September Board Meeting. Mr. Lore was appointed to the position of Deputy Director, Regulatory Programs. Prior to joining the Agency, Mr. Lore worked in the Deputy Advisor and Advisor positions with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Mr. Boese was hired as an Assistant Engineer.  He came to the Agency from the NYS DOT, Central New York Region 3 Office. 

    New APA Staff Members welcomed at September APA Board Meeting

    From Left: Executive Director Terry Martino, Assistant Engineer Sam Boese, Deputy Director, Regulatory Programs Robert Lore, Presiding Board Member Bradley Austin



  • New Adirondack Park Agency General Permit: 2019G-1

    The Adirondack Park Agency has approved a new General Permit and Order for the Replacement of Certain Utility Poles.

    General Permit 2019G-1 will be issued to regional and municipal utility companies within the Adirondack Park to allow for the replacement of certain utility poles on lands owned by or within rights-of-way held by utility companies or the New York State Department of Transportation.

    This General Permit/Order revokes General Permit 2017G-1 for the "Access to and Replacement of Utility Poles in Wetlands".

    To learn more about this General Permit and to download the form please click here: General Permit 2019-G1.

    About the Adirondack Park Agency

    The Adirondack Park Agency (APA) was created in 1971 by the New York
    State Legislature with the mission to protect the public and private resources
    within the “Blue Line” of the Adirondack Park. The purpose of the APA Act is “to
    insure optimum overall conservation, development and use of the unique scenic,
    aesthetic, wildlife, recreational, open space, historic, ecological and natural resources
    of the Adirondack Park.”

    The Agency administers two regional land use plans: the Adirondack Park
    State Land Master Plan
    (APSLMP) and the Adirondack Park Private Land Use
    and Development Plan
    . These documents classify State and private lands according
    to their characteristics and capacity to sustain use.

    To learn more about the Adirondack Park Agency please read the Adirondack Park Agency Citizens Guide.

  • 2019 Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan

    APSLMP Cover Page

    The August 2019 version of the APSLMP contains the latest State Land Classification and Reclassification Actions including the final tract of the historic Finch Pruyn & Company land deal – the 20,543 acre Boreas Ponds parcel.  The State’s unprecedented, multi-year land transaction with The Nature Conservancy resulted in the acquisition and classification of nearly 65,000 acres of globally significant forests.  This represents the largest Forest Preserve expansion in the history of the Adirondack Park.

    In addition, revisions to the definition of the Travel Corridor Classification and related management guidelines are included.  The Travel Corridor revisions maximize public recreational opportunities, broaden economic impact and ensure the protection of the Park’s unique natural and historic resources.

    To download the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan please click here

  • Telecommunication Coverage Inside the Adirondack Park

    The Adirondack Park Agency, in partnership with Telecommunication Providers, Local Governments and Park Stakeholders, has successfully improved telecommunication coverage throughout the Adirondack Park. 

    Over 400 telecommunication permits issued to date!    

    . TeleCom Tower Map